Ufologists believe that Jesus Christ wasalien

If official science denies God in principle, yes, and to
aliens applies to the extent-because, then for ufologists,
positioning themselves as scientists too, UFOs and aliens are
the main object of study, with faith in the Almighty in this case
very relative. For example, some ufologists even try
make faith in aliens a kind of religion, from where, apparently,
It appeared and the assumption that Jesus Christ was

Indirect evidence that Jesus is an alien

According to the data of ufologists-conspiracy, all the miracles of Christ,
accompanying him through life are easily explained by his unearthly
origin, starting from the Star of Bethlehem, which is at the very
could actually be an alien ship, and ending with a kind of care
through the demonstration of the crucifixion. By the way, and all the other wonders,
who created Jesus, for example, raised the dead, healed
seriously ill, turned the water into wine and much more, could well
to make the representative of an unearthly highly developed race. And even the second
the coming of the Messiah in order to establish the kingdom of God on earth, not that
otherwise, as planned by highly developed aliens second
wave of “colonization”, which, apparently, should occur
when earthlings reach a certain level of moral and
spiritual development. So far, apparently, we have not yet received this
honor …

This theory is also supported by the fact that the true
The origin of the Son of God was known by many ancient scholars, about which
the church is silent, but reliable sources of this knowledge
long gone: they are either destroyed or safely hidden in the vaults
secret library of the Vatican.

This theory of ufologists confirms the fact that in addition to
light (Divine) civilization, on Earth there are dark
aliens (representatives of the Devil), say, reptiloids and gray ones. After all
virtually all famous religions somehow reflect the struggle
light and dark aliens for the Earth. It is possible that Jesus
Christ was destroyed just reptilians through his faithful novices
the Pharisees.

How, then, to be with the origin of the universe?

Even if we assume that the theory considered in this article
true because it is also confirmed by old paintings and
icons, which were depicted “flying saucers” and other
alien attributes, the main question remains
science and religion decide differently – who created the universe?
Suppose the aliens are failing, because then
another natural question arises – who created them themselves? WITH
It is somehow more or less clear to the Most High, although the ancient
sages warned that man cannot comprehend God he
too primitive for that.

But after all, to believe in some big bang that gave rise to
The universe, according to scientists, is also not easy: but where does it come from
took, like everything else? It turns out, we are not given to comprehend, nor
one thing or the other. Can we even comprehend aliens? Not
those, of course, whom we made up ourselves and then portrayed in books,
cinema, and the true representatives of the higher unearthly races who, like
the same Jesus Christ can do miracles that make us fall
prostrate before them …

Ufologists now only have to determine which alien
civilization related Jesus Christ, although to do it today is not
so easy if you consider that all ancient knowledge is either lost or
safely hidden, and the aliens themselves are in no hurry to take us into their

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