Ufologists captured the alien in the videospace ship

As one of the Internet users said, today there are so many
UFO information networks that can surprise a person unless
video, which captures the alien machine, in the porthole
whose alien waving us a pen.

And here is a video in which eyewitnesses filmed an alien
a ship with aliens visible inside it appeared in the World
the web. Of course, again, not the quality that I would like
man in the street (to draw all the details, including wrinkles on
alien’s forehead), and the newcomers inside the device does not wave
us pens, they can hardly be distinguished at all. However,
famous ufologists brothers Brett and Blake Cousins ​​managed to surprise
UFO Explorers With a Video Recording the Mysterious
UFO, luminous from the inside with blue light. And in the porthole of this
the ship is quite possible to see the alien walking around the cabin,
very similar to the “gray”.

Network users have even determined that the “flying saucer”,
most likely hanging over the trees (made a soft landing) or
even hiding in their crowns, and the “gray alien” resembles a male
individual – by gait and movements. Most likely, one of
users, this is a humanoid who controls this machine, he is in
uniform, you can even discern its orange color, if well
take a closer look …

Of course, there were also skeptics (this is good, because from various
of opinions, truth is born), which, apart from “mirror
Glare “did not see anything in this video, and therefore assumed
that this may have been filmed by the campground, lit by numerous
fluorescent lamps. Still give more to skeptics
realistic details of, say, a wart on the nose of an alien and
surely there was a greeting waving a pen …

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