Ufologists continue to search for aliensMars

Virtual archaeologists and ufologists continue to find on
photos sent by rover from Mars, mysterious objects and
structures that may well be man-made. Their last
Findings have become the spaceport of aliens and the muzzle of some
Martian monster.

The perfect hole on the surface of the red planet allowed
ufologists suggest that it can be an entry for flying
vehicles and even interplanetary ships that are in
underground base, thus sheltering from Martian storms,
meteor showers and curious earthlings. Perhaps such
«внутренних» сооружений на Mars множество, а выходы наружу хорошо
disguised. An ideal hole that was accidentally discovered
can be natural, because even the Martian element could not
create something like this – here you feel a reasonable hand

But the online archaeologist who discovered the face on the Red Planet
monster, I am sure that such living entities periodically fall into
Curiosity camera lens. However, NASA experts treat this
pictures that all these monsters “turn” into stones – they are in fact
It is very difficult to distinguish it from fancy stone sculptures, however
it is quite possible. Some researchers, he writes, believe that this
остатки скульптур некогда существовавшей на Mars цивилизации, но
Isn’t NASA able to turn the “living” image into a “dead” one?

In the hoaxes and the manipulation of public consciousness
Americans have reached perfection, and NASA is the best example. So,
Three years ago, the rover clearly shot a light on the Red Planet, which
уфологи тут же задались вопросом — кто светит фонариком на Mars?
However, space agency experts immediately put forward a bunch
arguments that this is not a fire and not a ray of light from the lantern: a reflection from
rock, camera glitch and so on. NASA employees then even
found a snapshot of the left camera of the rover, taken at the same moment, on
which is not a mysterious light. However, it is easy to “erase”
bloggers laughed at this example how much more convincing
It seems another argument: Curiosity shot the same light
(allegedly, a reflection of the breed) and on the next day – burning approximately
in the same place …

By the way, a few years ago the staff of the American
space agencies still reacted to “amazing discoveries”
independent researchers of Mars, the Moon and other space bodies.
Today they no longer descend to such a “mercy” – they turn brown.

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