Ufologists discovered mysterious disks inAntarctica

Antarctica keeps great secrets that comprehend much
more difficult than anywhere else because it’s associated with climate
features of this ice continent. It is not by chance that the Third Reich,
interested in any esoteric knowledge, showed to
Antarctic attention, leaving subsequent generations even
the legend that the German elite of the mid-XX century managed
penetrate the secrets of the most southerly point of the earth, secrets beyond
our materialistic world.

По этой причине в Antarctica до сих пор находят следы,
left either by aliens or by researchers of the Third
Reich. And if before such information was hardly leaked to the media,
today, thanks to the Internet and map servers,
the ice continent is under scrutiny and study
virtual archaeologists who periodically find something here
interesting. Not by chance, the Google Maps server even tried to cover up
Antarctica “white circle”, not allowing independent
Researchers consider this mysterious mainland.

True, this did not lead to anything, especially as cartographic
there are servers besides Google, whose specialists are right there
�”Changed their minds”, quickly returning to the old “permissiveness.”

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