Ufologists discovered mysterious on Marsobjects

Representatives of the foreign ufological community “ArtAlienTV”
report a new intriguing find. �”Space Detectives”, like
they call themselves, viewed satellite images of the Red
the planet using the Google Mars map service and
discovered four large mysterious objects, strikingly
stand out from the already familiar Martian landscape.
Experts suggest that these anomalies appeared there not by themselves
to myself.

The first find of ufologists resembles the impact crater with
incomprehensible light blue formation inside. The blue object is clearly
It has an impressive height, judging by the shadow cast by it. According to
researchers, it may be some kind of construction, made of non
famous earth metal science. It may even be a structure.
aliens or their aircraft. If it is about
aircraft “green men”, then the experts have
The following interesting theory: before us is not the shadow of an object, but
left by them in the fall of the trace. Probably in the crater are fragments
alien ship.

Another mysterious object discovered by ArtAlienTV members on
pictures of the Red Planet, is a golden
disc-shaped elevation or depression, to which, again
pulls a possible trace from the fall. It is noteworthy that he is coming to
incomprehensible disk fragment, similar not spilled dark
I swill, not on the dome of black material. According to the surprised
researchers, they have no clue that there may
be. Of course, virtual archeology suspects that
In this case we can talk about architecture or technology.
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Finally, a couple of the following unidentified objects are located.
close to each other and have an even more amazing shape. it
two perfectly smooth brown discs with fancy symmetrical
ornaments at the top.

If it can’t convince the materialists that
Far Mars is not as boring and lifeless as us
scientists assure, for example, the American NASA, then argue with
UFO skeptics are henceforth clearly useless. Nature – both on Earth and
and on other planets it does not create symmetrical landforms. Whatever
these anomalies are not, they conclude ufologists community
�”ArtAlienTV”, were erected by intelligent beings like us with

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