Ufologists do not agree that strange celestialphenomena are charged to rocket launches

Ufologists who do not agree with the official versions of strange celestial
recent events allegedly caused by launches
rockets, proving that this is far from the case. Let’s see
they say:

In late September, a strange light phenomenon in the sky over Russia
blamed on the launch of the Topol-M rocket. In December, something similar in the Russian Federation
repeated – now they started talking about launching another rocket
�Topol or Zenit-2SB. Oddly enough, and over the US at the same time
a fantastic phenomenon was observed in the sky above the state
California, which again was attributed to the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket
SpaceX company. Moreover, neither Roscosmos, nor the head of Space
Exploration Technologies Corporation Ilon Musk (a big fan
publicly report any significant event of his
the teams) didn’t say a word what exactly they were
rocket launches. Moreover, the rockets in Russia and the USA were launched and
before, but no one noticed anything like it. If any launch
any space carrier was accompanied by such celestial
light phenomena, people would get used to them for a long time, how to
lightning, for example: beautiful, even a little scary, but nothing
special …

But even more interesting is the fact that
a fantastic phenomenon was observed in Canada (in the sky over Vancouver)
in 1937, there is even a snapshot of the “rocket launch”, even if not very
quality and the more black and white. But besides the picture remained
written testimonies of eyewitnesses who described this “flight
missiles “to a tee, just like the Americans on December 23 of this year. But … in
In 1937, none of the earthlings rocket has yet launched into space, even
there were no normal airplanes in our world …

Along the way, ufologists recommend to recall the ancient frescoes,
for example, one of the monasteries of Yugoslavia, where this
heavenly phenomenon imprinted brush artist (top left),
who naturally perceived him as something divine.

Frankly, ufologists conclude, such mysterious
phenomena are easier to blame even on God than on rockets – more
convincingly it turns out. Well, the trouble is, our scientists do not believe in any
God, no aliens. It would be more correct to say this: maybe
believe, yes status and position do not allow to talk about it in
open …

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