Ufologists found a UFO in the old video

Looking through the video of previous years, posted on the official
NASA website, ufologists discovered something unusual, filmed during the
unsuccessful launch of the American shuttle that exploded in
the air.

In one of the shots, the researchers allegedly saw
fuel tank of an exploding ship, but this is not the main thing: nearby
from him the camera recorded something strange – a white spot
unnatural shape and brightness against the background of clouds. Of course it can
be anything, but ufologists believe that the appearance of a UFO during
the time of the explosion of the launched spacecraft is quite logical
justified – aliens are constantly watching our attempts in
the conquest of space. And most likely, at this moment they also
were nearby, and therefore their trail remained on the video.

We add that the year 2017, which is already running out, was especially
rich in ufological discoveries and comic news. As they say
UFO researchers and conspiracy theories, something unusual is happening in the world
and even frightening. We are in front of some great events.
cosmic scale perhaps as the co-chair says
NASEX NExSS Toni del Genio, the official will happen soon
the contact of earthlings and aliens, about which everyone has long been talking,
even officials at nasa.

In addition, strange trumpeting
sounds, more often there are some mysterious events, not to mention
already that people see UFOs more and more often. Certainly about to
something will happen …

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