Ufologists found in the picture of the moon “a portal to anothermeasurement

Ufologists from the popular community “UFOmania” considered
recent photographs of the natural satellite of the Earth taken back in 1972
during the Apollo 17 mission, and unexpectedly discovered something
strange. In one of the photos taken by the lunar module of the American
spacecraft turned out to be an anomaly suspiciously similar to
portal to another dimension.

Mysterious black circle inscribed in a blue oval, recalled
to researchers an interstellar transport device from the popular
Stargate Fantastic Franchise. In these TV shows and movies
tells about the portal that serves to instantly move to
different points of the universe. Many commentators on YouTube too
noticed this amazing resemblance and combed in bewilderment

Presented below video collected over a couple of days over 22 thousand
views Skeptics, of course, argue that we are talking about
fancy defect film. Still, the picture was taken 46 years
back, and then the photo technologies were much more primitive than they are today.
The most interesting thing is that NASA employees always retouched the images,
removing various artifacts, but here for some reason they did not begin to process
frame. Maybe the hand did not rise?

Or maybe completely different? Assuming that Americans never
have not been to the moon (and this has already been proven and reproved by the most
authoritative researchers), then they could mystify
various anomalies on Earth’s natural satellite — for
persuasiveness What-what, and the imagination in this matter among Americans
have plenty If so, then all the pictures of those moon missions are not
more than a fake, and therefore they need to be considered completely under a different
point of view …

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