Ufologists found on the moon the towers andpyramids

UFO enthusiasts leading YouTube channel “Secureteam10”,
made another amazing find using Google
Moon. ” Recall that this interactive 3D map, obtained by
using NASA satellites, allows us to consider
Selena, as if you are right on it.

The researchers were astounded when they discovered
the nearest heavenly body to us is at least six long and narrow
facilities with a height of 2 to 5 kilometers. Some of them
elevations have sharp peaks. The authors of the finding are convinced that
nature could not create on the moon like, obviously artificial, rocks
or mountains.

In all likelihood, we are talking about man-made structures,
there is someone once erected on the natural satellite of the Earth so
причудливые башни и pyramids. Suddenly, they were representatives of some
extraterrestrial civilization? Or perhaps the ancient human race,
mastered space flights much better than us?

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