UFOs and aliens are different things.

Despite the fact that information about UFOs and aliens on the web
the internet is getting bigger and bigger some researchers
believe that there are no aliens on Earth. How so?

From the point of view of these scientists, aliens once visited our
blue ball and even lived among the people, taught them a lot, and
perhaps even created the earth race with the help of genetic engineering.
There is plenty of evidence. Here is what the resource writes about it.
ToDay News Ufa:

Admire, for example, statues in Polynesia, which is at least seven
thousands of years. Snake-like sculptures of Nuku Hiva clearly depict
aliens. And the Ubeid figurines, which also look like
reptile aliens? ANDм, кстати, тоже семь thousands of years. Similar
cultural traces, and there are many of them on Earth, indicate that in those long-standing
times people were in close contact with aliens most likely
lived with them side by side.

But it passed, and today, according to the staff of the same resource
ToDay News Ufa, there are no aliens on Earth. Researchers believe
that our planet was fatal to aliens. Remember
the novel by HG Wells “War of the Worlds”, in which the shrewd
science fiction writer described the cause of the death of the Martians who decided
colonize the Earth – they were killed by viruses and bacteria. Completely
It is possible that the real aliens who flew to our
a planet from distant star systems even with the kindest
intention, not spared these rulers of the Earth – microorganisms.

However, what about UFOs and aliens who are seen and
meet in our time? Moreover, this is not the invention of some patients
people today ufology and exopolitics have become so much
the reality of our being that these sciences, for example, in Newhwbb already
teach at universities.

But there is no contradiction here. According to the above theory
ufologists, alien ships, of course, are present on Earth and
generally in our solar system, but they are most likely controlled
biorobot, which we take for the aliens. Probably by
For this reason, these “humanoids” are so omnipotent and at the same time so
as impassive as robots should be. The aliens themselves
on Earth there is no data researchers believe, and therefore the UFO and
aliens are different concepts. Moreover, we do not even know
will any living representatives of alien races ever come to us
Will they contact us again?

But … judging by the fact that the aliens continue to watch us,
contact in the future with them will take place. They just something
waiting, maybe our growing up, maybe they need
a certain stage of development of our planet. In any case, we
this is not given to know …

This is a theory that, of course, cannot claim
absolute truth. Some conspiracy therapists categorically reject
because, according to their theory, there are several
alien races, and some of them are reptiloids, who are constantly
interfere in our lives, and with the most evil intentions. AND
for some reason, no bacteria of these reptiles kill …

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