UFOs are seen in the sky of Arizona, very much likesecret aircraft “Black Manta”

Two girlfriends from the city of Goodyear, which is located in Arizona
(USA), a group of four UFOs was removed from the car’s cabin,
which conspiracy therapists immediately ranked as secret American
TR-3 Black Manta aircraft.

The fact is that women removed these UFOs near the Estrella Mountains, and
This mountain range is located just between the US military bases.
�”Barry Goldwater” and “Luke”, where it is quite possible and based
secret air force apparatus. Moreover, the witnesses said that
except UFOs that were noiseless, they noticed that evening in the sky
also helicopters: these differed characteristic sound, and besides, their
it was easy to recognize by the side flashing lights.

The UFOs themselves hung motionless for a few minutes in the dark sky, then
started moving, lined up in a flat line, and so
continued their flight until they disappeared from sight. Women besides
stated that not only they, but also other residents of Goodyear saw
similar UFOs in the Estrella Mountains, which allowed conspiracy therapists
to be confirmed in the opinion is “Black Manta”.

Note that the official information about the secret aircraft TR-3
�”Black Manta” is not, but conspiracy theorists have long been talking about these
mythical aircraft that are supposedly made by
technology derived from aliens. �”Black Manta” can
move in space completely silent, hang on one
place and has plenty of other fantastic possibilities
inherent except for the aliens.

Or maybe American women saw all the same UFO aliens, and no
TR-3 “Black Manta” from the US military is not? And then they would be long ago
have already used them, say, against Russia, showing us
its unshakable power. And while only Russian SU scare and
chase the Americans in the sky, and they are nothing
can not oppose them …

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