UFOs continue to amaze the townsfolk, but notufologists and officials

Despite the fact that the “flying saucers” are seen and filmed on
cameras are increasingly, and the UFOs themselves are becoming more diverse,
their appearance in the sky, as a rule, is surprising, if not truly
It affects only the witnesses themselves – ordinary citizens-inhabitants.
Ufologists treat such cases very calmly – there are more of them.
interested in unique manifestations of aliens, some amazing,
still not seen devices, high-quality videos and pictures, yet
better – contact with the aliens themselves. Officials, and
not only officials, but also scientists, continue to pretend that UFOs and
aliens simply do not exist …

A pair of UFOs flew over Canada

Residents of the Canadian province of Manitoba captured something
amazing on camera mobile phone. Witnesses who went to
car, noticed from the window of his car two mysterious glowing
spheres in the evening sky. It happened last Sunday, 19
November The following video, laid out by witnesses
the emergence of a UFO on the Internet, immediately attracted attention not only
common users of the World Wide Web, but also numerous

At the very beginning, the mysterious video shows two radiant
unidentified flying object. However, after a couple of seconds
one of the alleged “flying saucers” disappears from the sky.
The remaining UFO periodically becomes either larger or smaller. On
at 2 minutes 6 seconds the second ball, much smaller, is again
appears in the frame and merges with the first. By the end of the recording he
unexpectedly materializes significantly to the left of the main

What could it be? Some commentators are convinced that it is
about the spacecraft of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. By
opinion of others, Canadians videotaped the appearance in the sky of some
space objects – for example, the legendary planet Nibiru and its
natural satellite. As for skeptics, some of them
believe that it was the usual reflections on the glass. Such a hypothesis
however, it is easily refuted upon careful examination of the video.
The fact is that unidentified flying objects several times
distinctly hiding behind the trees.

UFO in the form of a luminous ball sped over London

Unidentified spotted in the sky over London Heathrow Airport
flying object in the form of a glowing ball. At first glance it seems
(see the video below) that this is a meteor, but ufologists say that
UFO flight path is not similar to the “shooting star.” This or
projectile, or “flying saucer” of aliens, although not quite

It is also surprising that after this “meteor” immediately appeared
the plane going for landing as if a UFO had accompanied it or was following
for the movement of the liner. Airport controllers claim that
radar was not seen, that is, an object that accidentally
recorded a video camera, none of the tracking devices “do not
I saw “, and therefore it is very suspicious: or official services
something is being hidden, or the device has really flown over the airport
alien, who knows how to disguise from the radar.

However, nothing supernatural happened: any
an air port of this magnitude is certainly under surveillance
инопланетян — это мнение ufologists Heathrow UFO Airport
see quite often, but because today’s incident, in general,
Few people were surprised from among the researchers of unidentified flying
objects. Interested – is another matter, because the fireball,
as if burning in the sky, is not quite an ordinary UFO, although not
unique …

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