UFOs continue to fly over Mexico: not togood

As they say ufologists, aliens are always right there, when on
Earth is something out of the ordinary, for example, something
catastrophic. Today’s natural disasters in American
The continent attracts UFOs like a magnet.

For example, during the peak state of an earthquake in Mexico
over destroyed houses that were shot by local operators
television, suddenly appeared “flying saucers”, which, do not be
here, TV people, no one would have noticed: there was no prior.

And here again, a UFO has been spotted over Mexico, now of enormous size and
heavy triangular shape. Such a keen interest in this country
not accidental, because, according to seismologists, a lot
factors that indicate the possibility of a repetition of the terrible
natural scenario, only in an even more destructive form.
For example, “” indicates that volcanic gases are ready
just about to shake the earth again.

�”Curiosity” UFOs can also be indirect evidence
looming on mexico, and then on the us, new natural

However, not all Internet users agree with this.
Many believe that the video with “flying saucers”
specially “thrown in” to scare the people of America, sow
panic among the population. To this end, say conspiracy therapists,
Now a lot is being done by the American deep
the state, which, apparently, has set the task to destroy
most of the population of this continent. For what? We have this before
the end still does not understand …

Therefore, a UFO over Mexico may well be the most common fake,
Although mounted at a high level, TV crews could also
�”Paint on” in your report UFO – technically it is absolutely not

Well, if this is all the same aliens? ..

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