UFOs, “lighting stars”, raced nearSaturn

Ufologist, positioning himself on the YouTube video hosting under the nickname
DiversityJ, claims he managed to capture a striking
phenomenon during the evening observation of the planet of our solar
Saturn systems.

At some point, says the ufologist, near the gas giant suddenly
a quickly flying object of unknown origin appears – and
an amazing phenomenon is immediately created: around the UFO begin
�”Light the stars”. Of course, these are just some kind of lights,
mysterious and completely incomprehensible from the point of view of logic, however
it seems that the UFO is really igniting new stars …

The mysterious object at the same time became more and more, and then
there is a bright flash – and the alien ship (presumably)
disappears. DiversityJ emphasizes that he filmed all this on video.
completely by chance when setting up your Nikon P900 with the goal
take a picture of Saturn. So, they say, aliens and fall into
camera lens – only by chance, and how many of them fly
unnoticed and not fixed?

True, skeptics immediately tried to cool the passionate delight
the author of the video, stating that this is just a plane with his
signal lights. Ufologists immediately denied unreasonable
attacks by materialists, explaining that the object shot by DiversityJ,
too big for an airplane, and the “sunbathing stars” at its
flight does not resemble the pulsed lights of earthly aircraft
devices. Moreover, it is difficult to explain the bright flash, after which
UFO disappears.

If it is not even a ship of aliens, then some very
interesting astronomical phenomenon such as fantastic
комета, пролетевшая возле Saturn, утверждают некоторые
Internet users, but certainly not a plane …

Accurate explanation of the cosmic phenomenon, accidentally filmed
DiversityJ, no one has yet found – it is unique, and therefore difficult
amenable to classification. Ufologists study video frame by frame – maybe
will it give something? ..

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