UFOs of the strangest form

This unique shot was made by the Mexican state astronomer
Guerrero Maria De La Rosa. Channel UFOmania posted a video with
a photo on YouTube video hosting with a minimum of information: UFO shot
over the port city of Acapulco de Juárez. And the main question to
Internet users – what is it, anyone can
identify this aircraft?

An extraordinary object actually causes not only
surprise, but even admiration. If this is not a fake, then I must say
that more and more bizarre vehicles are arriving on our planet
aliens at least twenty years ago everybody was talking in
mostly only about “flying saucers”, a little less – about “diamonds” and
cigars. And then, as they say, God knows what. And the devices
very bizarre forms appear on the Web more and more often.

This is the strangest UFO I’ve ever seen – just like that.
or roughly described this flying over mexico
The facility is almost all Internet users. Suggest that it might
to be a terrestrial apparatus, even somehow immodest …

By the way, in Russia they often see and shoot no less mysterious,
than in Mexico, a UFO, for example, presented below on video,
filmed the other day in Saratov. And again, a question for users – what
this? Why does something float across the sky accompanied by blinking lights?
lights, lots of lights. Moreover, no sound during the flight,
no follow-up to this event any comments from scientists
(astronomers, meteorologists) or military …

We invite you to also see the collection of the best videos about
UFOs shot this year. There are both classic “discs” and
mysterious “triangles”, and, of course, flying objects are very
strange shape …

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