UFOs pump water and steal other resources.Of the earth

One of the most mysterious phenomena associated with aliens is
their “theft” of soil and water from our planet. And if the land with
the appearance of a UFO just disappears in the most mysterious way, forming
huge pits, the moments when mysterious flying objects
pump water from terrestrial reservoirs, no, no, yes, they fall on the photo and

For example, a snapshot of how a flying saucer hovered over
by the Scotts Flat reservoir in the US and started pumping water, captured
Two years ago, one of the Californian pilots. Today we are to you
We present something similar, but already video.

The video below captures the moment when
�”Flying saucer” pumps water supposedly off the coast
Algeria. Notice how this aliens cleverly get –
the technology of “teleportation” of the water of their reservoir to the ship is simply
amazing imagination! After all, a column of water goes high in the sky – right
on the mysterious flying object. Imagine doing it yourself
Earthlings – does not work, because we have the technology
No, and the need for this, the more …

Теория, что пришельцы используют природные ресурсы Of the earth (за
this and fly), is fundamental in understanding why
representatives of highly developed civilizations are present at our
the planet and at the same time do not come into contact with us. For example, there are
indirect evidence that the Australian pilot Frederick
Valentić was abducted by aliens and served them for 25 years,
занимаясь забором кислорода из атмосферы Of the earth и доставкой его на
one of Saturn’s moons is an alien base from which you need
the resource was later transported to the aliens somewhere, apparently
on their planet.

There is also information about the alien mining on Earth of gold,
platinum and other valuable metals, so it’s no wonder that
UFO scientists came up with the theory that for aliens
our planet is only a source of minerals and

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