UFOs, which allegedly do not, rush, fly overUSA

We invite you to watch two videos that
demonstrate how September 18 over the city of Oklahoma City, and on
another day over the island of oahu hawaiian archipelago circled
numerous UFOs.

For example, about obscure lights in the evening sky over the island of Oahu
even told local television, showing on the screens
TV three strange UFO in the dark sky.

Although the island’s residents themselves claim that during that night they
it was possible to count dozens. It alerted and even scared
islanders. Many of them asked for an explanation of this unprecedented
UFO activity in the Federal Aviation Administration, however
his staff responded that nothing was noticed on the radar,
so maybe these are some kind of Chinese lanterns (who has them all night
started up?).

But the staff of the National Guard of Hawaii, as
представители армии USA, в том числе близлежащих казарм Шофилда,
just ignored the requests of the locals for the incident.
Only one official bothered to give an answer that seemed to
least strange: perhaps this is a military exercise, said

As for the city of Oklahoma City, its inhabitants, without unnecessary
troubles only admired UFO flights, which allegedly do not exist.
Here, of course, there was no invasion of such an armada of lights, and therefore
no one went anywhere, let them fly and let them go. Does not matter
no one knows or will not say – what kind of ships, why
arrived and what they need at such a late hour?

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