Ukrainian designer has created an amazingoptical illusion

50-year-old Ukrainian designer Yuri Perepadya from Alexandria,
Кировоградская область, создал необычную optical illusion,
which, to the surprise of the author himself, has flown around many English-speaking
sites turning into a little internet sensation.

The man was inspired by the works of the famous Japanese professor.
Psychology Akiesi Kitaoka, who is the author of many unique
optical illusions. To create this fancy picture Yuri
spent only 2 hours in the program “Adobe Illustrator” – for
self-interest, not pursuing the goal to show their offspring as
possible more people.

Ukrainian explains that black and white stroke on a colored background
creates a deceptive effect of movement, which is why
the impression that the elements of the picture are moving. It’s hard to believe,
that before us is not a video or animation, but a completely static

Soon the work of the Ukrainian even interested foreign
psychologists. Experts have determined that the speed of “movement”
The pattern is probably an indication of your level of stress.
Say, the faster the illusion “moves”, the harder your
high voltage condition. An interesting note, not true
whether? Maybe you should “remember” the reference, and check from time to time.
your mental health on this indicator? ..

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