Under the ice of Greenland is a hugemeteorite crater

According to the Daily Mail, a group of international scientists
completed the survey of the crater, which is under the ice
Greenland Immediately clarify that his study began in 1997
year, however, only radar sounding of recent years
allowed to establish the final dimensions of this “cosmic
faults “at a depth of about 1000 meters, like so much

Here is what Dr. John Pade of Kansas says about this.
University (USA) who participated in this study:

Today we can say with accuracy that the crater under the strata
Hiawatta Glacier is the largest ever left on our
planet meteorites (out of 25 such formations). Besides he
the most preserved in its primeval state – glaciers after all. Him
width is over 30 kilometers. The meteorite itself was a diameter from
kilometer or even a half. This catastrophe happened here.
approximately from 3 million to 12 thousand years ago – more precisely
can not determine yet. The impact of the cosmic body on the surface
Earth was so strong that within a radius of a hundred kilometers here
all living things were destroyed, and the fragments of a meteorite reached the shores
modern canada.

Unfortunately, scientists state, we are not immune from falling
to Earth something similar in mass and destructive power, and at the same
time, it is quite possible that something can fly from space
more serious …

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