Under the plateau of Giza in Egypt found a laddergoing underground and other artifacts

The media of some countries of the Middle East on
days reported a “new” startling discovery of Egyptian
archaeologists, namely about the megalithic structure in the form of a huge
stairs going to the ground. And this ladder is “hidden” in
a passage that, like a giant cutter, is cut in an array
limestone (see photos that instantly scattered across
The Internet is still being discussed today by Egyptologists).

Let’s first get acquainted with the versions of academic
scientists what is it

Perhaps, they write, this “ascending tunnel” from the basement once
destroyed pyramid. Something like we can observe, for example,
in the pyramid of Cheops. On the other hand, it may be “downward
a tunnel “in the same ancient
the pyramid.

All would be nothing, after all, even contrived versions explaining, to
primrose, obviously machine processing stone blocks by some ancient
technologies for the general public look quite
earnestly. But the main discrepancy in this case is
that this megalithic structure (supposedly “destroyed
pyramid ”) many years ago, this place was immediately classified and to
he was not allowed not only journalists or tourists, but even
eminent archaeologists. Excavations that have turned into a “secret military
base ”, they continued for many decades: what were they looking for
Egyptians (or those who stand above them)?

Conspiracy theorists about the fact that for the artifacts were hidden under
Giza Plateau, there are two versions

The first of these is based on the mention by Herodot of some
underground archives of Egyptian priests with “great” artifacts,
inherited from the gods (or from the forefathers, say, representatives
Atlantis). It’s a matter of course until the military has all unearthed and
taken out here and the mouse could not get through. Otherwise, based on this
discoveries, ours (imposed on us by scientists – servants of the Illuminati)
a picture of the world could just fall apart like a house of cards.

The second version relies on more modern sources and, in
In particular, on the approval of the “sleeping prophet” by the United States Edgar Cayce,
who said that near Giza there are not some museum
artifacts, and the operating machines and mechanisms of these same gods or
of the forefathers, that there are also hidden the so-called “Star

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