Under the Sun, astronomers have noticed a strangecosmic body

Despite the fact that the Sun is all of us living on Earth,
perceived as a huge burning ball with its size
the fantastically high temperature on its surface (as we are taught
from school), modern space equipment launched
specifically to monitor the state of our Luminary, constantly
fixes near him some other objects that are difficult
identify and explain their appearance there logically.

If these are alien ships, then why are they so huge (sometimes
commensurate with our planet), why aren’t they afraid of the colossal
Sun temperatures? And if this is not a UFO, then what?

Recently, a virtual researcher under the name MrMB333 presented
to the court of users of video hosting YouTube another similar
video footage from satellite cameras SDA AIA171. On this
video the author proposes to consider something that appeared near
Sun, commensurate with a mysterious planet, or with a second

What is this, wondering MrMB33, inviting web users
Internet to participate in the discussion of this mysterious phenomenon.
Is it possible that this is the notorious ninth planet of our solar
system called nibiru. Or is our sun double?

Странное cosmic body под Солнцем может быть планетой

For example, Claudia Albers, a physicist and astronomer from South Africa.
proves that Planet X actually exists and that it
is really approaching Earth, ready to turn our “blue
the ball “in the lifeless desert. According to the researcher of this
космического явления, Nibiru испускает инфракрасный цвет, который
not visible to our eyes, but NASA staff perfectly fix
her with the help of their modern telescopes and just pretend that
nothing terrible happens. And all this in order to earthlings
were ignorant of the approaching disaster.

How human, I don’t know, says the woman,
that panic is really bad, but lying is also nothing
good does not carry. Причем Nibiru — это не единственный объект,
which crosses our solar system. Not necessarily in this
случае столкновение Земли с Nibiru или прочими космическим
objects approaching our star system, the Apocalypse
may occur, for example, due to magnetic resonance, which
will cause the death of all life on the planet.

Perhaps the camera SDA AIA171 recorded near the sun just
one of these “space aliens”? That’s just how it is
dangerous for the Earth, no one just knows …

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