Under the wheels of the car gets a dogman, and withnothing happens to him

American explorer of werewolves and other monsters Linda
Godfrey has collected many true stories of wolf-like creatures
moreover, we note, she carefully sifts all this information, trusting
stories only serious people who are not able to write and
to fantasize. Moreover, Linda prefers to describe cases
at least two people become witnesses. One
from such stories we bring to your attention.

Dog man on michigan road

This story told the police officer in Michigan Laura Love,
which in February 2009, late in the evening went with his girlfriend
home on the US Highway 31 highway. It went to midnight, outside,
Of course, it was dark, but the headlights of the car illuminated the highway well, as well as
pickup driving ahead.

We drove quite carefully, recalls Laura Love, the night was
cold and cloudless, to go, in general, nothing prevented – not
snow or frost on the road, however, we did not hurry anywhere and
tried to add speed, just rolled on the sly and chatted.
Especially as the peaks ahead of us walked with the same modest speed,
and we did not want to overtake him.

And suddenly … before the pickup on the road some strange
the figure, immediately getting under his wheels. Peaks swerved to the side, but
failed to avoid a collision, why the next moment
jumped on a moved creature. To our surprise, the driver is not
just did not stop after what happened, and then
increased speed, obviously wanting to leave as soon as possible

Both women did not have time to assess what happened or condemn
pickup driver since the next moment saw how with
highway linens have risen a mysterious creature that has just
moved car (note, not small). And this monster
he jumped up as if he had not even been wounded – easily and even gracefully.

It was clearly a monster, clarifies Laura, because he had a dog
an appearance with an elongated snout (such as the Scottish Collie Shepherd) and
the lion’s mane, however, was struck by the fact that the creature fell on the rear
paws (obviously dog ​​or wolf), and then ran on two
limbs. And so quickly that in the next moment
hid in the bushes that grew abundantly along the road.

We arrived at the scene of the collision of the pickup and this mysterious
dog man, but no trace of blood was found. it
so shocked us that all the way to my house we went with
girlfriend silently. And just in my kitchen for a cup of strong tea
got into conversation, began to discuss what had happened: apparently, the shock to that
time just passed for her and me.

Naturally, the friends did not understand whom or what they saw,
but both believed that dog-men really exist.

I’ve been, explains the former police officer, only
laughed at such stories, but now this strange
the beast stands before my eyes as living. He is real, we are in it
made sure with her friend personally. Unfortunately, I did not remember the number
pickup, otherwise it would be possible to ask more and his opinion on this
Accident. It is even more pitiful that at that moment I did not stand on our car.
autoregistrator, who could shoot the whole scene on the video: because
the highway was well lit by the headlights of a pickup truck, and then by our car,
who followed him at a fairly close distance …

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