Unidentified flying object flying againstfull moon

July 26, at about 9 pm, a resident of the British capital
Luke Miller decided to capture a large and full video
bright orange moon. Londoner did not even suspect that the lens
his powerful camera will get something much more amazing and

According to the author of an unusual record, he became a random witness
appearance in the atmosphere of our planet aircraft
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. At least Miller himself in
This does not doubt at all.

By turning on the video shown below, you can see how
the lunar disk is rapidly crossed by a dark disc-shaped anomaly,
making a sharp tilt back during the flight. Many
World Wide Web users immediately felt that an unidentified
flying object flying over London suspiciously
resembles an alien ship from the American
1986 sci-fi movie “Flight of the Navigator”.

However, it is possible that this is certainly a unique entry.
has nothing to do with aliens. But officially still
No one has refuted Luke Miller’s suggestion that this is a UFO, and therefore
ufologists still hold the opinion that the briton was lucky, and
his video – deserves the attention of all who are interested in the topic

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