Unidentified flying objects that hitearthly imagination

Recently, UFO people see more and more, and therefore videos
with unidentified flying objects began to appear on the web
Internet with enviable regularity, you can even literally say this:
it seems as if someone has opened a kind of horn

Awesome “flying saucer” seen in Brazil

June 21 of this year in the city of Curitiba and the south of Brazil was
obtained one of the most impressive evidence of existence
�”Flying saucers”. Local resident recorded on camera phone
large disc-shaped object of metallic shade, stuck
relatively low above the ground. A closer look can
it is easy to determine that a given unidentified flying object is not
could be a dirigible, cloud or kite. UFO hovered over
city ​​no more than a minute, then just dissolved in the sky, forcing
numerous eyewitnesses to reveal the surprise of their mouths.

One of the first ufologists to report this intriguing news
Scott Waring’s Taiwanese became
afraid to put forward the most courageous and unexpected hypotheses. According to
researcher, this is an alien-controlled ship
artificial intelligence and scanned the thoughts of earthlings. Waring
has long proven that humans are “experimental mice” for
highly developed alien mind capable in the blink of an eye
annihilate our planet. Fortunately, “green men”, if
believe Scott are not interested in destroying the Earth, although
help us (in anything, including in preventing the consequences
our military madness) they also do not intend to.

Large unidentified object hovers over California

Another equally mysterious object is clearly artificial.
descent noticed on June 26 over the city of Milpitas American
state of california Something strange in the form of a huge cigar hung in
the sky, and then, like in the case of Brazil, the UFO just disappeared,
becoming invisible or flying away at such a tremendous speed
even the camcorder could not catch it, not to mention
human vision.

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