Unidentified metal fell in Kazakhstanan object

Mysterious event happened the other day in the village Karasu
West Kazakhstan region of Kazakhstan. Many eyewitnesses observed in
темное время суток падение на землю светящегося an objectа.

Turning on the video below, you can see
shine yourself. But the story is not over. Collapsed into
Kazakh steppe UFO, who left a smoky trail in the air, soon
found The alleged anomaly led to the burning of dry plants,
for the fire which arrived fire brigade. �”Culprit
происшествия» оказался таинственный металлический an object габаритами
about 3 meters by 3 meters with melted edges.

According to local law enforcement, an amazing UFO looks like
ball with brewed hatch. Curious to touch its surface
faintly resembles metal and is as soft as cloth.
Approximately one kilometer from this find, the police found
еще один шарообразный an object, однако меньшего диаметра.

In their official report, the guardians of the law indicate that
a certain radius around the fall of the UFO there are interruptions
local and satellite communications. Of course, rumors spread
that debris are of alien origin. To funnel in the ground
onlookers, specialists, ufologists and, of course, workers

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