Unidentified metal object found on the beachin USA

One of the beaches in the US state of Rhode Island gave local
residents a very strange surprise. On the sand, they were found
mysterious metal object that resembles something wrong
a starfish, not an octopus, not an unmanned vehicle
alien origin. Turning on the one below
video, you can watch an American news report,
dedicated to this outlandish find.

Vacationers, strolling along the beach, suddenly stumbled upon
incomprehensible metal mechanism. Unidentified object
ufologists and other researchers immediately became interested.
Specialists in extraterrestrial civilizations suggest that
the device could have been brought to our planet by aliens.
Perhaps it is even a fragment of a spacecraft. According to
ufologists, the mechanism is made of metal unknown to man, and
such a complex construction could not be created by hands of earthlings,
who have never been anywhere farther than the moon (which is also still

Some scientists report that found in the American
east coast artifact with metal tentacles is
part of the equipment for the survey of the Atlantic Ocean. Besides
In addition, something similar is used to monitor currents armed
US forces. It is noteworthy that soon people came in camouflage and
took an amazing detail with them, refusing to respond to
questions of onlookers who they are and what right they have to dispose of
thing thrown out of the sea. All this once again underlines that
The artifact found on the beach is not that simple. And of course, now he
will be “buried” by the general public forever …

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