Unidentified object in the sky – this isUFO

The author of the UFO TV channel on the video hosting YouTube has posted an interesting
видеоролик с предполагаемым UFO и при этом довольно странным
the question is – what do you think it is?

The author clarifies that he received this video from a resident
Serbia Sasha Terzis, who caught on your smartphone this
strange flying object over his city. Naturally, resident
Serbia is at a loss – what is it? And even experienced ufologists in
confused, although the reliability of the video does not cause anyone

В любом случае — это UFO, комментирует один из специалистов,
everything that is not identified by you in the sky refers to this abbreviation –
unknown flying object. Therefore, the author of the UFO TV channel is wiser
Would you ask a different question – is it an alien apparatus or not? Or
I don’t call my channel so solidly – UFO TV.

However, unknown flying objects, as can be judged by
the next video can be seen even from above, that is, from a height
a satellite flying in Earth orbit, if you turn,
for example, to view photos taken in Google

Автор данного материала обнаружил таким вот образом UFO в горах
near the city of boise american state idaho. See photos and
judge for yourself – what is it flying in the sky “under you”?

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