Unique color video with the highestman on earth

We invite you to watch a unique color video in which
captured the tallest man in modern Earth history –
American Robert Wadlow. Due to the rarest disease (tumor
pituitary and acromegaly) this man grew up all his life and for a moment
death at 22 had a height of 272 centimeters, which is considered
the world’s highest registered ever official science.
Unless, of course, do not take into account the Russian giant Fedor
Andreevich Makhnova …

After the death of Robert Wadlow, who lived in the first half
of the last century (1918-1940), only black and white photographs remained
(we offer to see them too). However, today from somewhere on the Web
the Internet “leaked” and quickly began to replicate (this is understandable
why) quite impressive color video (see below),
made allegedly in the thirties of the last century and was considered to
lost today. Who, when and where discovered this video, until
reportedly. The video shows the world’s tallest man.
among ordinary people, which is very impressive and surprising.
Imagine how surprised this man was to those who
I saw him personally!

Because of his rare illness, Robert began to grow rapidly with
the very birth, at age 8 he was already as tall as his father, and at age 13
reached a height of 220 centimeters, becoming the highest in the world
boy scout.

He continued to grow, at the time of graduation from high school the young man was
already growing to 254 centimeters. Parents had to order him
not only special clothes and shoes, but also special furniture. By the way u
Robert had two more brothers and two sisters, but they remained
normal people of medium height because they did not suffer from such

After graduation, Robert Wadlow, thanks to his
gigantic growth, was already so famous that he could perform in
American and European circuses, earning a living. Its very warm
perceived by the public. And not only because of the huge growth of this.
young men. Robert was a very open and good-natured man, which is why
even got a nickname – Good giant.

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