Unique Russian exoskeleton possessingartificial intelligence

Probably every sane person understands that robots
will be required by society first of all in order to free
man from hard physical labor and from
monotonous and tedious mental exercises, for example, related to
infinite calculations.

Russian company “Useful robots” in conjunction with the St. Petersburg
design bureau “Karfidov Lab” managed to make a small
a breakthrough is just in relieving a person from traumatic
physical exertion experienced by, for example, builders,
movers and other workers whose professional activities
associated with lifting and carrying weights. It is known that all this
often leads to industrial injury or acquisition
chronic diseases such as sciatica, hernia and

However, such hard work can be turned into a light and pleasant
if you use ExoChair exoskeleton (for the bottom
человеческого тела), оснащенный artificial intelligence.

It is this device that the above-mentioned
the company. Rather to say – refined. ExoChair exoskeleton,
in principle, already ready. It weighs only 4 kilograms, and its battery
designed for two days of intensive physical work. the main
the task that designers now face is to teach
the artificial intelligence with which this device is equipped,
accurately perform the necessary pattern operations, clearly
fixing the angles of inclination, according to the required effort, observing
временные интервалы тех или иных нагрузок, ну и так Further.

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