Unkind sign seen in the birth of Prince LouisCambridge

One of the users of the English segment of the Internet
excited the world (especially the British) public
unexpected and ominous discovery.

As you know, on April 23 of this year, the Duchess of Cambridge
Кейт Миддлтон родила от герцога Cambridge Уильяма третьего
ребенка, принца Луи Cambridge. Photos and videos
depicting happy parents with a newborn son in their arms,
circled the entire World Wide Web.

Unknown frequenter of the Network, distinguished, apparently,
enviable observant, drew attention to the outfit Middleton –
bright red dress with a snow-white lace collar. Exactly
the clothes of the duchess seemed to the author of the find to be very suspicious.
What is so unusual about her?

But the fact is that the same dress is worn by Rosemary Woodhouse –
the main character of the cult horror film “Rosemary’s Baby”, filmed
in 1968 by the famous director Roman Polanski. According to the plot
This tape, Woodhouse becomes a victim of a satanic cult and
is sexually harassed by the Devil, in
resulting in the birth of the Antichrist.

It is known that the red robe sewn for Kate Middleton British
fashion designer jenny packham. Isn’t she just inspired
Polanski’s ribbon, but really copied the outfit from there
central character caught in a whirl of nightmare
events? Or is this a huge coincidence?

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