�”Unknown country” of East Asia is breakinginternational treaty

According to the publication Metro.co.uk, scientists observatory
�”Mauna Loa” in Hawaii recently issued a statement that one of
leading East Asian countries since 2012, in violation
international treaty signed by 196 states continues
production of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), the emission into the atmosphere of which
destroys the ozone layer of the planet.

We observe, write American researchers, that the termination
emissions of CFC from the late nineties allowed
practically restore the ozone layer of the Earth, which was seriously
undermined by the production of chlorofluorocarbons in the 70s-80s of the past
century due to their widespread use at that time in industrial
aerosols (in the form of a propellant), cooling systems and
conditioning. CFC is much more dangerous than greenhouse gases, methane and
etc., because they are not in nature. And they contribute to
the first place to destroy the ozone protection of the planet. And since 2012
years we see again that a certain East Asian country has begun
to produce products in huge industrial volumes using

Further in the article are insignificant suspicions of scientists on those or
other “natural” sources of CFC appearance, after which it is reported
that, ultimately, revealed the main culprit. And although “mysterious
East Asian country “is not called specifically, everything becomes
it is clear that this is China.

As it becomes clear that the trade war between the United
States of America and the Middle Kingdom, it seems, is now moving into another
ecological plane naturally started in the form of provocation with
side of the United States, which in the near future may well turn into
international pressure on the PRC in this direction. Nothing good
of this, I suppose, is not to be expected. Enough
recall the “himataku in Syria”, which, compared to the ecological
a provocation against China may seem like a funny episode. what
Well, the United States in its repertoire, that’s just until then they can
to test the patience of the Chinese, is unknown. And then everything can be
whatever analysts say, down to the darkest predictions about
Third World War with nuclear weapons …

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