Unknown humanoid spying on bathersin Adygea

The Internet is rapidly gaining popularity mysterious video
received last summer at one of the waterfalls of Rufabgo creek in
Republic of Adygea. Amazing video shows two bathers
in the water, watched from above by an incomprehensible large creature with
thick dark coat. Of course, many users of the World
cobwebs are convinced that we are talking about a snowman, who
unknown reason interested in the pastime of people.

Mysterious humanoid does not look like a bear, and monkeys
in Russia, as we know, are not found, especially so large.
Therefore, even the most experienced skeptics cannot find these frames.
any rational explanation that fits into the tenets
orthodox science. Meanwhile, cryptozoologists and researchers
abnormal phenomena, familiar with the sensational record, said
that it really captures the legendary yeti.

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