Unknown is found on the stone globecontinent

One of the most interesting artifacts telling the story
Earth, are the ancient maps of our planet, and even the ancient

It turns out that the last “came” to us not only from the Middle Ages
(the oldest globe is the Hanta-Lenox Copper Globe,
dated 1504-1506 years, although his “leadership” is seriously
challenged the globe by Stephen Messina, made on the shell
ostrich eggs), but even from a much more ancient world.

For example, in 1984 an expedition of scientists led by Elias
Sotomayor, discovered in the La Mana mountain range (modern
Ecuador) many stone artifacts, among which especially
stood out the oldest globe of the Earth. Of course he is far from
a traditional round shape for us: apparently, the master of this atlas is not
especially bother with this problem, taking for work the first
suitable boulder In addition, there is a guess that the creator of this
Globe perfectly understood that our planet is not really
perfectly round shape.

But this is not the uniqueness of the ancient globe, but the fact that
расположение материков и continentов на нем несколько отличается от
modern. And if this stone atlas is easily traced,
for example, the Italian Peninsula, Greece, India, the Persian Gulf,
then, starting from East Asia and further towards America, the picture
obviously not the same as today’s Earth maps. Here suddenly
обнаруживается загадочный continent.

With this, Florida and the Caribbean on this stone globe find
impossible, but in the Pacific Ocean, just at the equator line,
�”Appears” a huge continent. And Japan merges with it, that is
no island state we call today
The land of the rising sun does not exist.

Mysterious mainland on the stone atlas of the Earth, many researchers
признали легендарным continentом Му, о котором миру поведал в свое
time scientist M.Kimura. He believed that Mu also plunged into the water,
as well as fantastic Atlantis described by Plato.

For this reason, stone globe researchers even
suggested that Atlantis and Mu could well be the same
mainland, just information about them came to us in different
interpretations and titles. In favor of this theory speaks, for example,
genetic link between modern Japanese and Indians. And if
Orthodox science refutes it because of the enormous water
barrier (ocean) between these peoples (their ancestors), then the presence
неизвестного нам continentа на каменном глобусе делает эту связь и
possible and logical.

Academic science, we note skeptical attitude to the stone
Atlas, as well as to other amazing artifacts of Elias Sotomayor.
Moreover, to determine the age of this globe does not seem
possible (radiocarbon analysis is not acceptable for stones, although
Some researchers believe that this boulder is at least 12
thousand years), which means you cannot be said with accuracy when he was
created what civilization was capable of such as
what is actually reflected in this atlas. Some questions
to which there are no exact answers, some assumptions …

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