Unknown science underground predatorsPennsylvania

About this terrible story recently told the English-language site
Mysterious Universe, dedicated to the paranormal. According to
the author of the article, he found this information in a local newspaper,
namely, News Extra (July 14, 1974), and the note is by no means
It looked like an April Fool’s joke or a newspaper duck.

Nevertheless, it was reported that a certain mine inspector named
Glenn E. Barger in 1944. claimed that unknown predators are alive
ate 15 miners.

It happened near the small town of Dixonville.
(Pennsylvania). The families of the dead miners have officially announced that
all fifteen people were victims of the collapse.

A landslide did take place, and the control mines caused
Barger to the inspector to help find the missing people. When
Partially expanded passage, Barger and his partner Ted Walters
penetrated to the place of work of the miners and the first to discover their bodies.

The corpse, which they stumbled upon at the beginning, looked as if
he was tormented by some kind of strong beast, and part of his body was altogether
absent, as if the beast had devoured it. The bodies of the remaining victims
were in a similar condition.

Needless to say, in what shock the inspectors were shocked
im a scary picture. And then there were difficulties with the return.
While the men were waiting for help, Barger managed to doze off
fatigue. And waking up, I saw next to him not a partner, but
incomprehensible humanoid creature that breathed hot in the face
inspector. It clearly did not belong to our world.

Fortunately, the monster of the underworld retired without touching
inspectors. But a few more hours they had to spend.
under the collapse, men with horror expected that he would return and take over
They are the same monstrous reprisals, as with the unfortunate miners.

Later Barger suggested that unknown creatures and caused a collapse
in the mine so that people are trapped. Afterwards this place
closed for work in order to avoid such tragedies.

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