Unsolved phenomenon of the transformation of sound intoshine

Sonoluminescence is a mysterious physical
явление, характеризующееся возникновением вспышек shineа при
the collapse of bubbles formed in the fluid by ultrasonic
in waves. Simply put, this phenomenon is the transformation of sound
в shine.

If you place a resonator in a container with water and create a powerful
ultrasonic wave, then in the center of the tank will appear
bluish light. For 70 years now, scientists have been trying to find an explanation.
this phenomenon, however, so far unsuccessfully. In explaining nature
Sonoluminescence, of course, there are some advances, but so far

At first, the people of science naively believed that the blame was power
friction, however, in the 1980s, it was suddenly discovered that sound
the waves expand the bubbles in the water and heat the gas in them to
temperatures are higher than on the surface of the sun! Possible bubbles
burst from the heat and release a huge (by the standards of
experiment) energy that ignites the plasma. However, this is all
still the theory, and new hypotheses, despite daily research,
not yet foreseen – another amazing mystery of Nature.

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