�”Unsuccessful” catch was a find of 130 thousanddollars

When Chinese fisherman Mina Kwok from Hong Kong came across
hook huge log instead of fish, he was very upset, not
understanding up to a certain point that a “unfortunate” catch is worth
меньшей мере, 130 тысяч dollars.

Min already wanted to bring the tree back to the sea, but here he
felt an unusual smell emanating from the log, absolutely not
characteristic of damp rotting wood. Then he is careful
I broke off a piece of bark from my wooden find – and right here
a real miracle happened: oil dripped from the logs with a characteristic
the smell of which the fisherman, to his happiness, had a certain

The wood turned out to be a fragment of aloe or eagle tree,
rare and very expensive oil which is used in perfumes for
cooking the most exquisite flavors, as well as in medicine for
create miraculous drugs. The Chinese themselves
literally idolize this plant, considering it a gift from the gods. They
sure that his oil absorbs the energy of the cosmos,
divine power, and therefore able to drive out of the body and soul
any, even incurable diseases, and as a cosmetic
– attract good luck, money and good partners for love and

According to preliminary estimates, the “unsuccessful” catch of a 58-year-old Chinese
оценивается в 130 тысяч американских dollars, хотя, возможно,
happy fisherman will get even more. Min Kwok himself intends to great
part of the proceeds to spend on charity because
believes that it was a gift to him from above, that is, from God, and such
�“Random” enrichments bring happiness only if
the person correctly assesses them both for himself and for society in
overall …

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