Unusual aurora recognized the resultcracks in the magnetosphere

February 14 Swedish photographer Oliver Wright captures the polar
amazing northern lights all around
fantastic movie.

Turning on the video below, you can see it.
amazing phenomenon with my own eyes. Wright reports that filmed him
in the village of Abisko. According to the photographer, he was speechless when
a giant “mystical” semicircle suddenly appeared in the sky,
iridescent shades of green and purple. Oliver long
engaged in amateur exploration of arctic lights, however
he had never seen anything like it before.

Many meteorologists and other specialists familiar with this
roller, considered that the fault of geomagnetic storm. Some
Experts suggest that in the Earth’s magnetosphere
a kind of large “crack”, which led to the emergence of this
miracle Dynamic glowing twists that were pinkish were
caused by energy particles that were incredibly high
in the atmosphere. There they interacted with nitrogen molecules that
gave the aurora so unusual look. Some
World Wide Web users even decided that it was about
tricks of the aliens.

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