Unusual crater discovered on Mars

Employees of the US National Space Agency
again published on its official website fresh collection
Martian snapshots. The photos were taken by the camera “HiRISE” with
of the multipurpose automatic station “Mars
Reconnaissance Orbiter “, engaged in the study of the Red
the planets. As soon as the images appeared on the World Wide Web,
ufologists and other virtual search specialists soon found on
one of them is another sensation.

The mysterious frame obtained by the satellite in March
, shows a shock crater with an unusual shadow. She looks like
a circle from which an even segment was cut. Many users
The Internet said that this indentation on the surface of Mars
reminds Pacman – the hero of the same arcade video game. Scientists
NASA says it’s all about the sickle-shaped dune inside, and in
the distant future, when the wind blows out sand from there, the crater will be
look different.

Some conspiracy therapists and ufologists, however, believe that speech
can go about another proof of the presence on mars
intelligent life. According to alternative researchers, perhaps
it is not a crater at all, but something completely different. For example, the entrance to the base
aliens or even an alien aircraft looking
thanks to futuristic camouflage as a symmetrical shadow. Worth
I say that when it comes to relief, nature does not like

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