Unusual optical illusion: at first glancethis is an ordinary wall

The human brain, as you know, is easy to fool. Sometimes we
see what is not really, or, on the contrary, not
notice the very real stuff. Perhaps that is why such
people are very popular with various optical
illusions to see how easily the brain can “play” with
us. One of these illusions is now occupied by Internet users
ready to break their heads over solving strange riddles.

Take a look at the presented photo. What is shown on it?
At first glance, this is an unremarkable brick wall.
However, do not rush to conclusions. The fact is that on this
There is one more object in the picture, but the trouble is
the average person completely refuses to see him.
Many of the Network’s regulars spent whole minutes and even hours
unsuccessfully trying to consider here anything other than ordinary

Can you be the lucky one who will be able to notice in
frame something that the photographer probably didn’t even try to hide from
the viewer? If you still failed, and you are ready to give up,
then follow the link and see the same optical illusion, but … with

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