Unusual winged UFO captured inUzbekistan

Unidentified flying object with wings like a rocket,
photographed in Takhtakupyr district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan,
part of Uzbekistan.

The alleged alien aircraft was completely
accidentally captured during fire drills, when many
different departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region have joined forces to
joint training and advanced training.

The photographer who participated in the event did a lot of that day.
pictures, and on one of them this anomaly unexpectedly was fixed.
Unidentified flying object looks like a cigar-shaped
metal shell with three translucent wings. Is it worth
say that no real shells during exercises here
flew, did not fall and did not explode, so we are clearly talking about
something completely mysterious. Surprisingly, the UFO turned out in the picture
very clear, despite the fact that he flew, apparently with
significant speed (since he himself had never been noticed by anyone

Ufologists from many countries are already interested in this material.
of the world. Researchers of UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations agree
that this is a very curious authentic frame depicting something
beyond the ordinary. Some experts even
concluded that before us is an alien unmanned aerial vehicle
reconnaissance mission …

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