Ural radio amateur found the legendaryAtlantis?

Researcher from Nizhny Tagil Valentin Degterev pleased
his admirers new discovery – he called the exact coordinates
the legendary Atlantis, which tireless enthusiasts are already looking for
many, many years.

The Ural radio amateur managed to make his discovery thanks to
descriptions of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato and satellite imagery.
Due to the 2015 earthquake, writes Valentine, the ocean floor, where
Atlantis used to be located, rose significantly, which allowed
See the legendary city-state from space. Here is his
coordinates – 31.013589, -12.566564.

The size of the sunken island, specifies the tireless researcher
not so large, about 40 square kilometers, however
most likely, the cities were not commensurate with modern
megacities. In addition, the detected city may be a port.
States of Atlantis. In any case, you need to look for it somewhere here.
Degterev hopes that his find will help scientists, seekers
adventure, rich sponsors again pay attention to this
riddle and maybe finally find the legendary country.

Note that orthodox science does not believe in the existence
Atlantis, not without reason believing that this is a myth, or a fictional
by Plato himself, or formed earlier on the basis of fragmentary
memories of some ancient catastrophe. However, Atlantis before
still does not give peace to advanced researchers. This says
even the emerged special scientific discipline – atlantology. The
more that the mythical Atlantis is “found” here and there with an enviable
frequency And therefore today’s opening of the Ural
The researcher, although interesting, is not original,
because it is just another assumption, but not
real discovery of the legendary Atlantis …

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