Ural researcher identified: in the lakeLoch Ness is inhabited by several monsters.

Independent researcher Valentin Degterev from Nizhny Tagil
provided his own evidence that in Loch Ness
Scotland is actually found a giant monster, whom they themselves
Scots even gently styled – Carry.

Having studied a series of pictures received from satellites, the radio amateur,
First, he came to the conclusion that his foreign colleagues confused
Loch Ness snake with a motor boat (there was such a “discovery” with their
side), and secondly, the monster in the lake still lives. Or, by
at least periodically from somewhere appears there. Here is what he writes

When the government of the United States of America took off,
Finally, the ban on satellite photos, I soon
discovered something in the pictures of the famous Scottish lake
incomprehensible, perhaps even somewhat terrible. In many
points in the water of the reservoir can be seen (and, at a shallow depth)
Loch Ness snake size from 13 to 34 meters. From here you can
conclude that there are several. And if Nessie still can’t
even filming video is fine, it only says one thing: these
monsters are not from our world and appear in the lake periodically, but
then go into their reality …

It turns out that Loch Ness is just a portal connecting
our world and some other parallel reality? If so, then
it is clear why through these “wormholes” penetrate to us
all kinds of snakes, yeti, chupacabras, people-moths and others
mysterious entities that in our world, by definition, should not

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