US customs find a mysterious item inpassenger handbag

Customs officers have an interesting job, even in the sense that
traversed to look for smuggled goods carried, for example, through
airports, and at the same time they sometimes find something completely unimaginable.
This is a mysterious subject discovered by TSA workers in the baggage
passenger package departing from Daniel K International Airport
Inway to the capital of the American state of Hawaii Honolulu.

Customs officers of the US Transportation Security Administration
We are at a loss: what is it and what is it meant for? Conditionally
they labeled it “satanic pizza”. Why so, too
a big mystery, however, it is under this code name that the subject
entered the list of the most unusual “finds” that fall on
checkpoints america.

Unfortunately, for journalists who are interested in the list
similar fantastic items “caught” by employees
TSA, the mystery was never revealed: who was the master
�“Satanic pizza”, as he himself explained its purpose and, most importantly,
why customs officers seized this item, although it is not very suitable
under the definition of, say, a cold weapon? However, customs officers
see better.

By the way, we note that at one of the international airports was
a twig, the most common, which can be broken in the forest
or park. Who and why was transporting it in such a way is not clear.
But in that case, the twig was still not seized by the customs officers, although
caused them no less surprise. What if that twig, like this
�“Satanic pizza” is not as simple as it seems from the first
look? ..

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