US scientists explained what is legendaryUFO “Black Knight”

People of the official science of the United States claim that they have learned
what is actually the legendary unidentified flying object
called “Black Knight”.

Recall that in 1998 the American National Space
the agency published a picture that shows a mysterious dark
object in orbit, similar to a large claw. World ufologists immediately
dubbed him the “Black Knights” and said that this is a satellite
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Since then, photos from
the image of this space object constantly surfaced on the web,
invariably warming up various conspiracy theories.

Now scientists, they say, decided to put an end to this
the burning issue, once and for all explaining the world
public nature of this UFO. According to the official statement
NASA representatives, this is just an isothermal
rescue blanket lost by some astronaut during
spacewalk. It probably happened during the mission.
�”STS-88″ of the American shuttle “Endeavor” for the assembly of the International
space station.

Ufologists and conspiracy therapists, of course, are not in a hurry to believe scientists.
According to UFO researchers, “Black Knight”, judging by
numerous photographs and videos, has much more
impressive size than any thermal blanket issued
astronauts to protect from the cold. In addition, some materials
This UFO is represented by flashing lights and moving across
trajectories different from the orbit of the Earth. Besides about this mysterious
UFO wrote Tesla, and the American astronaut Leroy Gordon Cooper
reported on him to NASA back in 1965, when into open space
none of the people have ever left. And such facts are contradictory
today’s statement scientists, very much.

It turns out that this is not an isofolia, and the Americans once again
try to hang noodles on our ears. And they rush something in
different sides: they flew to the moon in the seventies of the past
century, although it is with the current technical capabilities of earthlings
highly doubtful, the real mysterious object
unearthly origin take for a blanket. In a word – the eternal
mystifiers …

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