US scientists made a statement that the secretThe Bermuda Triangle unraveled

Scientists of the meteorological service of the United States are almost
10 years struggled to solve the phenomenon of the famous sinister
Bermuda Triangle. Finally, they made a sensational
statement – the mystery is solved.

This is how US weather officials explained the numerous
wrecks of ships and aircraft in this mysterious region:

All because of some strange air anomaly, which
manifests itself in different ways, but most often in the form of unusual
hexagonal clouds. These clouds, drifting over Bermuda
triangle, often collected in a kind of “frame”, which
causes terrible air and sea phenomena that destroy everything on
your way.

Isn’t it true, the explanation is already familiar to the orthodox
science form: all within the framework of physical laws, however, some
phenomena so far failed to understand. And these incomprehensible phenomena –
strange hexagonal clouds that should not be in nature
picking them up in even stranger frames, as if specially for
attacks on ships and airplanes. And finally, in this “sensational
statement “, as it was not before, so there is no explanation for
why sea and air liners disappear without a trace, and if they
find, then without crew? Well, many other oddities of Bermuda
triangle, in fact, remained a mystery.

Speaking by and large,
documentary filmmakers who again and again create
films about this mysterious region of our planet, much closer
fit the explanation of the Bermuda riddle. They are at least
attract a lot of independent researchers, push different
opinions, due to which at least some kind of picture emerges – and what
does it really happen there? ..

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