US secret space projects fundedfrom the “black budget”

Conspiracy therapists posted a sensational message to the Internet
(watch the video) that the United States carried out secret
космические проекты, которые финансируются from the “black budget”. Thats
There are multi-billion sums allocated for these tasks, about which
taxpayers have no idea, although these
money is still withdrawn from their pockets.

Moreover, according to researchers, the amount and activity
�“Backstage budget”, not even controlled by the US Congress, with
the middle of last century grew exponentially, reaching
currently fantastic indicators that can
terrify the Americans (unfortunately, the exact numbers are not given,
since, as the conspiracy therapists say, “nobody knows them”).

Opinion about this is the former director of the Lockheed Skunk Works
(1975-1991) Ben Rich:

Any space program in principle tends to secrecy,
since it automatically adds to her at least 10-15
percent of additional funding needed for
construction of secret buildings, the maintenance of enhanced security,
respecting safe logistics and so on.

Our team of 50 people (engineers, designers,
professional workers, etc.) was engaged in the creation of ultra-modern
aircraft and the implementation of secret space missions.
In the “black projects” developed technologies such as
interstellar travels that today are real and just
hide behind the “toy” programs of NASA.

Some projects are so secret that they don’t even know about them.
senior military, not that the government of the United
States or congressmen. For example, I am one hundred percent sure that
few people know that the US has a Solar Warden – the secret
Solar fleet space fleet, which operates under
cover the country’s naval forces, although they are actually commanded

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