Valentin Uvarov proposes to introduce “lunarrent

According to the ex-director of one of the divisions of the United
Rocket and Space Corporation Valentina Uvarova, Russia in
currently can not count on cooperation with the United States in
the development of the natural satellite of the Earth, you have to count
only on their own. However, the lunar program at the
the scientist’s modest calculations would require more than 2 trillion rubles. AND
take them nowhere.

The only way, according to an expert on space, the Russians themselves
take up this business, that is, impose yourself on a voluntary “lunar
by tax. ” This, says the expert, is not so much in the expectation of
100 million adult population of the country and with 15 years
during which this project will be implemented – about 120
rubles per person per month.

Ex-director stresses that such a “tax” should
carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis, that is
practically suggests to Russians to be thrown off on the lunar program,
if the state has no money for it.

From the point of view of logic, everything seems to be correct, especially Uvarov
proposes to establish a public counter of incoming and outgoing
funds, and anyone who donates to this project, contribute to
special list displayed on the lunar program website and in
then send him to Selena on the first flight.

«Лунный rent не вдохновил россиян

Despite all these rather reasoned arguments,
proposal of the former “space manager” caused the Web
far ambiguous reaction, rather, you can even say this: opinion
Russians about the “lunar turnover” was mostly negative.

AND дело даже не в том, пишут пользователи Рунета, что 120 рублей
decent money for someone (six loaves of bread, three liters of milk
and so on), the Russian man, as you know, is ready to take off
last shirt if necessary But here’s the trouble, no matter where we are
donated money (for example, even for maintenance
orphans, disabled children), they certainly begin to plunder
officials. It from unhappy children shamelessly dragged past
pennies, and there will be billions of rubles, intended unknown
on what (on a fantastic program for the exploration of the moon, on which
officials sneeze with a large bell tower). Yes, at best,
say users, if half of the money collected remains, at worst
– drag everyone to the penny. AND на этом все — проект закроется, лет
after five or six …

What do you think, who is right, Mr. Uvarov or skeptical
tuned Russians?

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