Valentine Degtereva’s striking discoveriesgive rest to many ufologists

All who are interested in the paranormal of our world,
aliens and mysteries of space, well aware of the tireless
independent researchers – regulars of the Network, for example, Scott
Waring or George Graham. But after all, ours is not inferior to them either.
Ural ufologist, propagandist of surprising discoveries, Ural
Internet journalist Valentin Degterev.

By the way, note that in the English segment of the Internet Degterev
They know much more and better than in Runet. Moreover, there never
misinterpret his last name, putting in it the correct emphasis on the first
Degterev syllable.

So, what’s new was dug out by our Ural radio amateur,
as he is often denoted by journalists, obviously remembering his former
enthusiasm. This tireless researcher amazes not only with his
discoveries, but also tremendous exploratory energy
a propaganda gift and, probably, another passion with which he
given to their search work. Such people are often called
fanatics, and in the best sense of the word.

The first discovery: in the Amazon jungle lies a huge ship

If you turn to Google Earth, then looking
photographs of this site can be found in impassable jungle
Brazilian Amazon is a very strange thing (here are its coordinates –
6.305809 °, -59.015987 °).

Among impassable forest, writes Valentin Degterev, lies
огромный корабль aliens, приблизительно 30 метров в диаметре
(the classic “flying saucer”) and the height of a ten-story house. On
the picture taken in 2008 is perfectly visible not only UFO
whitish, indicating metallic (clearly
artificial) the composition of its plating, but also the trail from the fall – the ship
struck a whole clearing at his unsuccessful landing.

Not far from the cleft lies a cigar-shaped spaceship giant
sizes (4 kilometers wide and 18 kilometers long) – just
such as we are often shown alien ships in
fantastic movies.

In my opinion, Valentine notes, the condition of the ship is perfect,
therefore, it can be assumed that he just made a forced
landing on the Red Planet, why froze here forever. However,
it’s all the same for us not to understand how and what happened there, for a long time
don’t get to this UFO, we’re right up to the Amazon jungle where lies
�”Flying saucer”, quite possibly, from this spaceship, get
unable to: once, we have too many everyday problems in the form
political strife, economic crises and outright wars.
By the way, doubt the man-made origin of the mysterious object
on Mars is not necessary – it is too obvious.

Indeed, to talk about some paradolic illusion,
The favorite argument of skeptics and scientists is failing. Moreover,
next to the starship there are no mountains or rocks, so write off this
UFO on the stone ruins is very difficult, the object lies too on
deserted place and perfectly visible. Disturb him here
no one can, at least from the side of earthlings …

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