�”Vampiric” butterfly drinks sleeping tearsbirds

Deep in the rainforests of the Amazonia discovered very unusual
�”Vampiric” moths that feed on … sleeping tears
the birds.

For sure many of us will have a hard time believing it, however
turning on the video shown below, you can see this
amazing process firsthand. In the dark when the bird
fell asleep on a branch, a large butterfly flew up to her, sat on her neck,
launched proboscis in the eye and began to drink tears eagerly

Many users of the World Wide Web, watching this video,
called it very unpleasant and even somewhat frightening. None
However, experts say that nothing terrible on him
absolutely not happening. According to the Brazilian scientist Leandro
Moraesha, the proboscis of the butterfly is too gentle to
повредить глаз birds. Apparently, the mole gets so
the way “cocktail” of the missing amino acids and salts

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