Vanga’s predictions concerning 2019

Immediately make a reservation that the famous Bulgarian soothsayer
Wanga never called the year 2019, it’s true, she sometimes mentioned the end
second decade of the coming century. Moreover, even with
this she did not say anything concrete about our time, that is all
there were hints and some common phrases that everyone today can
treat as he likes.

However, let’s look at the most interesting interpretations.
vague phrases abandoned by Vangelina regarding the future. More
Moreover, even a translation from Bulgarian can drastically distort the meaning
predictions, not to mention many other factors (for example,
falsification), capable of reducing all these prophecies to practically
to zero.

And nevertheless, to whom it is interesting, let’s read that supposedly
talked about our time Wang, and that on this occasion think the most
insightful explorers of her heritage:

The actions of a huge country plunged the whole world into confusion

There are only three options here: this is the United States
America, China or Russia. Whom did the blind seer have in mind
no one is given knowledge, but every nation has the right to interpret it
prophecy in their favor. How else? Many in the world hope
the fact that this is still Russia, since our country Vanga is always
called the most light and spiritual.

The old order will be replaced by a new one, acceptable to man and
To god

It is said that in recent years Vangelina repeated this saying,
as a refrain, moreover, quite often specifically pointing to the end of the second
decades of our century. Experts believe that this is the most
optimistic forecast of the Bulgarian soothsayer, but now in
it is hard to believe. Can it all change so much
cardinally and so fast? ..

People will kill each other for their faith, confident
justice of such murders

But this prophecy is already coming true. Enough
to see how the confrontation is growing in the Middle East, the real
the threat of terrorists acting allegedly on behalf of Allah, and so
Further. In this case, even the migration wave that swept
Europe, its deadly consequences are well suited for this.

The earth will rebel, and many will die for this reason

Natural disasters in the form of volcanoes, earthquakes, monstrous
hurricanes, incomprehensible climatic cataclysms today with might and main
rampant on the planet. It seems that in the near future such
Earth’s protest will only increase, which has warned us


The researchers of the predictions of the Bulgarian seer constantly
Mention, that she spoke about victory over cancer, old age, about
flights to the Sun and many other amazing things that
will certainly occur in the future, without naming the specific
dates, but necessarily emphasizing that a lot depends on the
people, from their faith and love. And so if we take into account the first
turn these words of Vangelina, you can select the main thing – it is beautiful
understood that the future is ambiguous, that it can be drastically
change, bringing or, conversely, pushing aside the Apocalypse. The main thing,
believe in the best, strive for it and everyone to do for that
a little good in his power.

And then, it is quite possible that the upcoming 2019 will be
for our civilization a turning point for the better when, like
predicted Wang, order will prevail on Earth, which will be pleasing
и To god, и каждому живущему на нашей планете человеку…

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